Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dolls of Course!

Well another project completed. A wonderful primitive doll was sent off to Patti Culea! She is making a DVD about her dolls and people who make her dolls. Ran out of business cards for the last event so I decided to make some. Made a little doll pin and attached it to the business card. What a success. So now I am on the doll pin mode. I am traveling to North Carolina this weekend so I am making as many litte pin dolls that I can to take with me to bead! I even found a cute little teddy bear pattern from a Soft Dolls and Animals magazine from last year. The pin patterns came from an artist by Ronda Kivett. She put free pin patterns on the internet a while ago. Making and beading them. They are so cute. Make a pin pattern? Why reinvent the wheel. Ronda said I could use her little pattern and I am. Sewing in the secret place by the light of the moon.

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