Monday, January 25, 2010


We all have a little bit of wickedness in our person. I can't wait to get to my computer to post this doll! I hope you enjoy her. But wait her wardrobe!!! I have sooo many surprises. There is one thing I like is doll get together's. And this will be a spectacular doll get together. Complete with runway music LOL!!! So much to do toooo much time to prepare. My whole year is promoting my new lady!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Art Is... of course!!!

Well I completed my lady witch for the Art Is You conference. As soon as I can I will post the picture to the blog!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well I have created a new pattern to teach at Art Is!! The title of my class is Which Witch areYou? Oh as soon as she is completed and sent to the Art Is team of Sallianne and Ellen, she will be my world tour promotion. First of all if you follow my blog get your payment plan ready because you will want to go to Art Is. If you have any artistic inclination or drive this is the place to be. You will go into "Art Is" overload. I can bet a stake in that claim.

Anyhow, my Witch class is right up my artistic alley. When I get finish teaching you this doll, you will think that the doll world revolves around the witch divas that we can so become. I will invite students to journey with me in creating their innermost "witch moment." It's going to be fun. In 6 hours what we can create! This is a class project created exclusively for Art Is. Take my class you won't regret it. LOL!! From 1 witch bitch to another!!

Happy New Year 2010 is here!!!!

You know I don't make New Year resolutions because I live each day to do better than the day before. But something about the New Year that just challenges you. Think about how a stubborn person never wants to change. Do they really not want to change or too stubborn to change. Who is more miserable when it comes to people like that...we the changers I suppose. My father always taught us no matter what try to learn something it keeps your mind strong. So happy New Year to the movers and shakers LOL! To the stubborn and unchanging well I guess you are happy too!