Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Weekend

Though blustery and down right cold outside, had fun planning with my sister Pam Art-Is things, doll things, ATC's, ornaments, vending. She keeps me grounded. "October will be here before you know it" she says. She doesn't know all of the things I have in between it lol!! I have to keep creating and finding me. I do that in my dolls. My thoughts and dreams. Nurse by profession I feel I could help people heal better through dolls. Look for the therapy part of my doll making to come forward real soon!!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post Valentines Day!

Well Valentines Day has come and gone. Me and my husband had a wonderful time!! Out to lunch and then home!! We exchanged the most wonderful cards. But the most special gift, a pair of Angel wing earrings. They are so delicate and light they look like they came fresh off of an Angel!!! I am sooooooo blessed. This weekend I am attempting to finish my craft/sewing room so that I can work in it. I have so many projects to work on. Dolls is #1!!! I need some ideas for curtains! Something creative. Thanks to my nieces Sonarri and Johari!! Love you ladies.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Day!

Well at first I was spending Valentines Day at home alone ......(sigh). But now my husband is taking off so making Valentine Day dolls is now out lol!! Oh well I guess we will be making google eyes at each other. Love him soooo much lol!! Enough mushy stuff. I am going to Ohio to AFIC. Trying to get all I can in. My son is going to private high school in Sept and my budget is going to get tighter. Still dreaming of my dolls and creating though. In August I am hosting a big event in Jersey City. Art on the steps of City Hall. I have that project to dream about now.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

February is the Love Month!!

Happy February everyone!! I received the most wonderful box of goodies from my friend Sallianne!!! Inside were 10 clay molds from faces to hands and feet. There are clay faces, small doll kits, clay (fimo and sculpey), clay softener, over 10 bags of buttons and beads, the most wonderful designed notebook in antiqued ticking fabric! An edition of "Where Women Create" magazine, the most amazing bead kits.  Wow!!!!!! I was screaming lol!!!! My husband kept saying what what WHAT!!! I just kept saying THE BOX!!!!!LOL!!! What a wonderful treat on a cold winters day lol!! Now to play and have fun with "The Box" LOL!!!