Saturday, February 5, 2011

February is the Love Month!!

Happy February everyone!! I received the most wonderful box of goodies from my friend Sallianne!!! Inside were 10 clay molds from faces to hands and feet. There are clay faces, small doll kits, clay (fimo and sculpey), clay softener, over 10 bags of buttons and beads, the most wonderful designed notebook in antiqued ticking fabric! An edition of "Where Women Create" magazine, the most amazing bead kits.  Wow!!!!!! I was screaming lol!!!! My husband kept saying what what WHAT!!! I just kept saying THE BOX!!!!!LOL!!! What a wonderful treat on a cold winters day lol!! Now to play and have fun with "The Box" LOL!!!


Colleen Colquhoun Athens said...

miss angela... you lucky girl you!!! now get to work!!! I want to see something created with this "stuff" you received!!! hopefully we will do our get together in march!? Cant wait to create with you!!! (this weather is killing any traveling....) love Colleen

Angel Hugs 4 All said...

Colleen March is fine just let me know!! I'm now off on Mondays. I had to change my schedule. And this weather is killing me too. I hate it. I love your dolls boots so fantastic. You wait until you see what I create with these treasures lol!!! I am leaving them seperate from my stash so I can use them specifically. That's why i said you would love it too. Clay and all lol!!!!