Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well this weekend I didn't get all that I wanted done! Injured my back. But I managed to get doll sewn up, stuffed and with mask baked and ready to be painted. Oh my back has spasms. Lot's of medicine until my grandsons father gave me an exercise. He is an ex football player LOL! So I used his advice. It helped a lot. But as soon as I lift something it comes back. Solution: don't lift unnecessarily. Thank God for the dishwasher. I still cooked dinner though LOL! But back to creating. I have too projects for you. One the surprise and the other one is the winged and flying monkey. I try to work on something everyday. I have a lot of days until my "Art Is" class. But I am preparing everyday. This is not just going to be a class but an extravaganza!! I'm telling you no one can do it like me! LOL! I want to form a doll club after this class so that we can meet regularly. LOL! So much stuff. So many give give aways, raffles, and student prizes. Get so excited when I think about this class and this doll. I have 4 divas on the butchers block for completion. I am determined.I am trying her so many different ways for all questions. Oh well we will see.

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