Thursday, July 2, 2009

Well what can be more fun than preparing for a birthday weekend! I celebrate my birthday the week before and the week after! At work I treated my staff to lunch! And then they turned around and treated me to many wonderful gifts and 3 cakes!!!! LOL!!! I will be spending a whole day with just me and hubby on 7/3. Then on 7/4 I will be spending the day with 2 of the most wonderful ladies in my life, Mama G and Aunt Doris!!!! Then on Sunday I will gather with my Sarien, Erin Aja, Gregory, Snookums and Bipa for a happy birthday to me Sunday dinner! It will be complete with party hats, ice cream and cake! Maybe a pinata. Gregory is not to keen on Pinatas. Hmmm a long story. Well anyway as Art -Is looms....Happy Birthday to me~

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